Specialist Block Paving Services in Croydon

With vast knowledge, honed skills, and more than 30 years of experience, T & R Paving Ltd’s team of experts are able to undertake a range of services for clients in Croydon. From paving slab refreshing to new installations, our expert block paving team takes care of everything, ensuring that all of your needs are met. Our services come with a 5-year guarantee, so get in touch with our professional experts now.

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Complete Services

There’s a range of options to choose from with us, including:

 Block Paving

 Standard Paving

 Decorative Paving


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Block Paving Experts

With a number of format options available, your block paving can be laid in whichever way you prefer. Careful consideration should be given when making this decision, especially when thinking about load-bearing areas including driveways. When building here, you must use interlocking patterns to ensure maximum strength, durability, and longevity. We help with this process, ensuring you make the best decision.

Any Design You Choose

There really are designs for everyone with block paving. Each stone and brick comes in a range of colours, with lots of complimentary options also available. Using rotation, octants, and circles, excellent features can be created, complimented further by kerbs and edgings. Choose us now for a beautiful block-paved design.

Herringbone Paving

Herringbone paving patterns are constructed from 2:1 blocks – e.g. Marshalls Driveline 50. As a result, the bricks are twice as long as their width. Whether they are interlocked and laid as 90 or 45 Herringbone, the layout could be enhanced with subtle colour changes in the blocks. The use of pattern features, such as circular or octant paving, also provides benefits. For larger areas, we’d recommend 45 extended Herringbone to enhance the aesthetic appearance of block paving.

Other Options

Stretcher bond and basket weave paving patterns are primarily used for pathways, patios, or other areas with light foot traffic. When combined with octant and circle features, you really can create beautiful designs.

Complete Your Installation

While they’re often overlooked, kerbs are a vital component for your driveway and garden design. They perform a range of functions and add a strong final touch. We have excellent kerbs to suit every installation and our experts cater to whatever position you’ve decided on. By using raised kerbs we’re able to provide a unique driveway that is personal to you.

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A range of edgings is also available, including excellent shapes, sizes, and materials. There are lots of reasons to choose an edging, including:

 To Restrain the Paving, Keeping It in Place

 To Create a Step up or Down between the Paving and Another Service

 To Keep Garden Soil and/or Turf Separate from the Paving

 To Keep Vegetation and Weeds out of the Paving

 Purely Decorative

Contact us, in Croydon, London, to find out more about our block paving slabs.

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