Wandsworth’s First Choice for Block Paving Installations

Rely on more than 30 years’ experience by opting for a T & R Paving Ltd installation. Covering Wandsworth, London, our skilled and knowledgeable team are able to provide stunning block paving slab driveways to clients throughout the local area. What’s more, each installation comes with its very own 5-year guarantee, for your peace of mind.

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Paving Expertise

There’s a range of options available with T&R Paving Ltd, including:

 Block Paving

 Standard Paving

 Decorative Paving


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Block Paving

Our block paving installations can be applied in a variety of designs. When you’re choosing the right block paving pattern for you, you should always carefully consider any load-bearing areas, such as parking areas. These specific areas will need interlocking patterns to ensure durability.

A Variety of Designs

The range of options available to you when it comes to your block paving design is huge. Each and every stone used comes in a variety of colours and textures. What’s more, by changing the position of the block, they can even appear to be a different colour. You can complement your chosen colours with beautiful kerbs and edging, which will create an elegant installation.

Herringbone Patterns

The Herringbone patterns are constructed using 2:1 blocks, e.g. Marshalls Driveline 50. As a result, the bricks are twice as long as their width. Plus, if they’re laid out as 90 or 45 Herringbone, subtle changes in colour will truly enhance your installation. The use of pattern features, like circular or octant paving, also has its own benefits. For larger areas, we’d recommend 45 extended Herringbone to enhance the aesthetic appearance of block paving.

Other Paving Styles

Stretcher bond and basket weave patterns are usually utilised on pathways or patios with little traffic. This type of design can be combined with octant and circle features to create stunning patterns.

The Finishing Touches

The kerb can play a vital role in your driveway and design, performing a number of different tasks and adding the finishing touches. The kerbs we offer include complementary options to suit all kinds of our paving ranges. As well as this, all our kerbs are on offer in a range of positions, as they simply rotate to suit your needs. Utilising raised kerbs within your garden will provide you with a fantastic finish that’s absolutely full of character.

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Edging for driveways and gardens comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials. Reasons for utilising edging are numerous, but usually include:

 To Restrain the Paving, Keeping It in Place

 To Create a Step up or Down between the Paving and Another Service

 To Keep Garden Soil and/or Turf Separate from the Paving

 To Keep Vegetation and Weeds out of the Paving

 Purely Decorative

Get in touch with us, in Wandsworth, London, for further information on our block paving slabs.

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